Created by Allen George     

Created by Allen George     

The George Family Photographs Photographs                                     

Gareth George Manager of National Westminster Ellesmere and his Staff 2012

Royal Army Pay Corp. intake 148 Devizes Barracks Sept 1954                                                                                     

Evan George & his dog Shep c1974              C1975                                           

Brenda George with David & Allen  c1937/38                                                                                                      


Brenda David Allen & Roger c1942                                         

       C 1941                      


Allen George and Family                       

   Gareth Amanda & Gregory George    

Ann George at Rose Cottage Tregare    

Malcolm Price later Capt. of Wales & Pontypool & Allen George

Allen and Megan George at Tossa De Mar 2008

Megan and Tortoise at Hotel Tarrule Tossa De Mar

Allen George

Abersychan school Rugby Team c1953/54

Gareth Price future Capt Wales & Pontypool Allen George


Son of Edwin & Ann George  

Edwin George and Ann George (nee Price)

Usk Council School 1946   

Allen George   

David George’s Garden Summer 2013


Allen George in Osnarbrook Germany c 1955

Royal Army Pay Corp Attached to Oxford. & Bucks Light Infantry               

The George Family in Canada

David, Allen and Roger George 2003                                                         

.Alison George 2013                

Megan George 2013

Muriel George Abergail And David George